Brandi Glanville’s Happy Single Life

images (7)There are a few things in this life that really don’t come as much of a surprise when you hear them. Like, Rachel Zoe wore a maxi dress today, Melissa Gorga’s latest single failed to hit #1, and Brandi Glanville isn’t really that interested in getting married again. In fact, when it comes to that last fact, it might just be a teensy bit of a massive understatement. Brandi recently gave an interview with “Life & Style” magazine and in it she spelled out just how much she NEVER wants to marry ever again. Can you blame her?


The former Mrs. Cibrian, who famously lost her husband Eddie in a scandalous affair with sometime Country singer and full-time crazy pants LeAnn Rimes, says she is happy as a lark right where she is in life now, thank you very much. “I like being single…I have a great time with my friends, says Glanville. “There’s no one breaking my heart. I’m not in that place. I’m happily moving forward.”


That’s great to hear from the Beverly Hills Housewife who, only a year ago, was still spending a lot of time in Bitterville and was getting in regular Twitter wars with Rimes. And while we don’t expect these two to never again snip at each other in 140 characters or less (at least we hope they will), we’re also really very glad to see Brandi in a better and happier place. Right now she’s happily working on a follow-up book to her hit “Drinking and Tweeting” and has no plans to settle down again any time soon. “I don’t want to get married again,” says Glanville, “I don’t know if I 100% believe relationships are supposed to be lifelong.”


  1. Sounds like she is really doing good!

  2. good for her! who needs the drama?

  3. She is so beautiful.

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