Breaking ‘Vanderpump’s Rules’

Andy was joined on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live” by four members of the cast of “Vanderpump Rules,” the spin-off show from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” that is set in one of Lisa Vanderpump’s L.A. eateries called Sur.

Scheana Marie, Stassi Schroeder, Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval sat down with Andy in the clubhouse to discuss the show and being young, “fabulous” and shallow in L.A. “Vanderpump Rules” is the kind of show that has built-in drama right out of the gate and didn’t have much of a need to create fake storylines. Scheana was an outcast from the beginning of the show, having earned a reputation as a home wrecker when she cheated with Brandi Glanville’s husband Eddie even before the LeAnn Rimes nightmare. Stassi is the kind of bitch that people let get away with stuff because it’s easier than listening to her obnoxious mouth. Stassi decided she hated Scheana in the first episode of ‘Rules’ when Scheana transferred to Sur from another Vanderpump restaurant. Throw in some boyfriend drama and you’ve got yourselves a show.

All I think when I watch “Vanderpump Rules” is how much I would never want to eat in that restaurant. I can imagine wasting away while I starve, waiting desperately for bread, while they fight over hair gel and who’s sleeping with whom. But that’s okay, I would imagine the restaurant will be just fine without my patronage. I will say that it’s always strange to watch reality show stars in the middle of a season where they’re at each other’s throats, break that illusion by appearing on a chat show all smiles and getting along wonderfully. (I get that this is months after filming, but still.) However, this appearance on WWHL made me like these people just a bit more. A bit.

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  1. who’s vanderpump? is this like vanderbeek?

  2. no clue what this episode’s about, but i love the show in general

  3. I will never watch this show again. Lisa siding with stassi, not what she appears to stand for in the other show, and honestly, I’m done with that too. Your writers for your script suck!

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