Has Mama Joyce Destroyed Her Relationship With Kandi Beyond Repair?

download (10)Those of us watching this latest season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” have been left slack-jawed watching what passes for a mother’s love between Housewife Kandi Burruss and her mother who many call “Mama Joyce.” Kandi’s mother certainly hasn’t done much to live up to her “mama” moniker this season, unless you count ruining your daughter’s wedding plans and breaking her heart as a mother’s love. Joyce doesn’t like Todd Tucker, Kandi’s fiance, and to say she’s been vocal about her dislike is a massive understatement.


So far this season we’ve watched Joyce try to break up her daughter’s relationship by any means necessary, including spreading a rumor that Todd has been cheating on Kandi with her best friend, Carmon. All of this hate from her mother has obviously devastated Kandi during what should be the happiest time of her life. Many of the show’s fans feel that Joyce is a money hungry opportunist who doesn’t want to share her daughter’s fortune with Todd. Every time Joyce calls Todd a gold digger it only proves that she is actually the one who sees her daughter as nothing more than a meal ticket.


Joyce is now well aware that so many of RHOA’s fans dislike her strongly and she’s spoken out in defense of her stance to In Style magazine. Joyce said in an interview that she heard rumors about Todd and Carmon flirting and hanging on each other in a club and that’s why she spoke out about them cheating. Now, however, Joyce says she really wants to rebuild her damaged relationship with her daughter and is backing off of Kandi and Todd. Hmmm, how interesting that Joyce is less worried about these cheating rumors now that Kandi is finally getting angry. Wouldn’t want to upset that gravy train, now would you, Joyce?


  1. Taylor Minks says:

    That’s terrible, she should be more supportive.

  2. what an awful mother

  3. Who cares? Nobody likes her anyways!

  4. Rachael Howl says:

    I have no idea how Kandi puts up with it

  5. Joyce is a disgusting BITCH! She was gifted Kandi’s former home, She has her daughter’s support, so what more does she want? She is the opportunist, not Todd.

  6. That relationship is ruined! Move on Joyce!

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