Newscasters Real and Fake

images (13)Andy closed out the week and the month of February on Thursday night by welcoming Gayle King and Seth Meyers to the clubhouse on “Watch What Happens Live.” Gayle, as I’m SURE you know, is Oprah’s BFF, but she’s also a good journalist in her own right and these days you can catch her waking you up each day on “CBS Good Morning.” Seth is the head writer and a hilarious cast member on “Saturday Night Live” and is responsible for bringing us the best part of the show each week as the anchor for Weekend Update.

The topic of first concerts came up because Andy found out in his research that Seth’s first concert was The Pointer Sisters (adorbs). Seth proudly pointed out that it was during the “Neutron Dance” phase so that helps. Gayle’s was Chicago and Andy’s was Shaun Cassidy. Okay, reason #4786 why I love Andy so much. MY first concert was Shaun Cassidy. *sigh* That feathered hair was so dreamy, wasn’t it, Andy?

Seth and Gayle answered some great phone questions – Seth said loves working with Amy Poehler because she always makes everyone else look good. It’s a good thing he answered that because it turns out the caller WAS Amy Poehler. And she dodged the question about hosting next year’s Oscars, btw. Gayle, it turns out, has an enthusiastic fan that wrote and recorded an R&B love song tribute to her and posted it on YouTube. Of course Andy had to find it and play it and it is HILARIOUS. Game time was called “You News, You Lose.” Seth and Gayle had to watch a news clip and try to guess what was about to happen next. It was a collection of reporters covered in bird poop and people falling over. Perfect way to end the week!


  1. Oh, Gayle. How we love you.

  2. pssshhh i hate gayle!

  3. Anytime Amy Poehler makes a cameo is OK by me

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