Vicki Gunvalson Confirms She and Brooks Are Done for Good

images (6)It has been quite a roller coaster ride of on-again off-again drama for “The Real Housewives of Orange County” matriarch, Vicki Gunvalson, and her controversial boyfriend for the past couple seasons, Brooks Ayers. Brooks came charging into Vicki’s life after her 2010 split from her husband, Donn, to whom Vicki was married when RHOC first came on the air. Perhaps it was because fans of the show first got to know Vicki and Donn as a couple and watched them go from being a happy couple to struggling through the pain of divorce, but many people never warmed at all to Brooks. Then again, the bad feelings toward Brooks may have had less to do with Vicki and Donn and more to do with Brooks’ abrasive nature and the way he took over Vicki’s life and alienated those closest to her.


Either way, the cards were stacked against Vicki and Brooks. Her daughter Brianna and her son-in-law Ryan refused to let Brooks in Vicki’s house as long as they were living with her; this was a move that angered many fans who felt that Vicki should do whatever she wanted in her own house where she pays the bills. Nevertheless, Vicki respected their wishes and there’s no doubt Brianna’s heart was in the right place. I don’t think I would want my mother to date Brooks either.


Eventually Vicki began to see Brooks’ true colors, which was helped along when her frienemy Lauri told her Brooks was sleeping with the 19-year-old friend of her daughter. And even THAT wasn’t enough to get Vicki to end things for good, but all of the pressure added up, apparently. Vicki appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” this week and told Andy that things with Brooks are definitely now over for good. She said “it was harder to stay together than it was to be apart.” Whatever the reason, I’m glad to see Brooks out of Vicki’s life. And while I don’t want her to be single and on her own, I sure think she can do better than that guy.


  1. Sandy Reynolds says:

    Aw that’s sad :(

  2. ew gross he was sleeping with a 19 year old!!!!!!!!!! disgusting

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