Who Will Be the Beverly Hills Housewives Next Season?

images (6)Season 3 of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is still in full swing, but rumors about who will and will not return for Season 4 are running rampant. And at this point, your guess is as good as mine as to who will be back.

It’s pretty common knowledge among Bravoholics that Adrienne is saying she’s quitting the show. Considering the source it’s very likely a “quit before you get fired” scenario to save face. Paul is reportedly saying, just to be sure to get his time, that he will also not be back. Which is pretty hilarious since his ex was the housewife, not him, and they’re not even together anymore AND she’s leaving – why would he think he’s WANTED back? And it’s also commonly believed, and hoped for by many, that Taylor is getting the ax. Questions now, though, are arising about our other lovely ladies.

It seems as though Lisa and Brandi are safe. But Yolanda has failed to capture the hearts of many viewers with her lackluster storyline and some are saying even Kim and Kyle aren’t safe. There’s a general feeling that the fighting has become less glamorous, catty society fighting and more ugly, personal, litigious drama that is not so fun to watch. Many fans might just be happy with a whole bunch of new blood in the 90210 next season. What are your thoughts? Which BH Housewives do you want back and which ones should get the boot?


  1. why would they fire adrienne? she makes the show so good

  2. I say give Yolanda the X! Who even follows her anyway?

  3. Love Love Brandi

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